360 Degrees Fat Freezing

360 Degree Machine- 2x Faster, 360 surround 60% more surface contact kills more fat cells, clip on attachments fits body curves

360 degree Fat Freezing uses special technology that combines heating and cooling to get rid of fat cells safely. It has 4 special applicators that first apply heat to the target area, improving blood flow. Then, it cools the area to very low temperatures, causing the fat cells to crystallise without harming the skin. This process makes the fat cells die naturally, and the body’s immune system takes care of removing them. Up to 40% of fat cells in the treated area are eliminated, reducing the thickness of the fat layer noticeably.

What to expect?

Our 360 degree Fat Freezing Device comes with various applicators of different sizes, making it versatile for targeting small and large areas like the abdomen, flanks, thighs, back, arms, knees, double chin, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A protective anti-freeze membrane is applied to the target area to safeguard the skin.
  2. A Cryo applicator is then used, creating a vacuum effect to pull in the fat and secure the area during the session.
  3. The device heats the area to around 40°C, followed by cooling to as low as -11°C. The entire procedure takes 30-45 minutes.
  4. After the treatment, you can resume normal daily activities immediately, including work and exercise routines. 360 degree Fat Freezing offers a convenient and effective solution for various body areas.



  • Permanent results 
  • High satisfaction rate
  • Pain free & non-invasive
  • No strict diet or exercise needed
  • Up to 40% fat reduction in one treatment
  • Four areas of the body can be treated at on

How much will it cost?

One area (ie chin or abdomen $750)

Two areas ( ie both arms $1500)

Four areas (ie chin and tummy $3,000)


The results




What our very satisfied clients are saying:

“I am loving my new lifted booty.I have gone from pan flat to more feminine and lifted after only 4 sessions. Skinny jeans here I come! Thankyou ladies. I am beyond thrilled”

Angela D

“I have been frequenting Quest Slimming & Beauty for years now. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I have several issues with my body, not being able to exercise to due hip and shoulder issues. The Muscle Contouring Treatments combined with fat freezing have totally transformed my body. I am down two pant sizes and look and feel amazing. I am constantly complimented on my new shape and have Quest Slimming & Beauty to thank for this”.

Susan H

“Carrying three children did a number on my belly.After only 4 sessions of the Muscle Contouring Treatment I now have more definition and ama lot flatter. My core strength has improved out of sight which has helped my lower back issues dramatically.Not only doI look better, I feel better. It’s a win win!”

Sandra M

I just had to share this with you. I just did an intense core workout and my new strength from the Muscle Contouring Treatment has left me speechless! Not one issue with my lower back through the whole 30 minute workout!! Cant wait to see what kind of muscles I have after the final session.”

Isabelle H

Being a regular at Quest Slimming & Beauty it was recommended I try Muscle Building Treatment after great success with fat freezing as I had a trip to Broome in two weeks. I was panicking as I knew the bikini had to come out but I was feeling very untoned. I treated my butt and belly and I can honestly say, after my final session I was bikini ready…. in only two weeks!!I have abs and a pert lifted butt. My cellulite has even improved. Give it a try. You won’t regret it!

Nadine B